Tuesday, December 06, 2016
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Alberta Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils


Under Alberta's Water for Life Strategy, Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) are multi-stakeholder, non-profit organizations that assess the conditions of their watershed and develop plans and activities to address watershed issues. We encourage you to learn more about our members and water management and conservation programs.

Programs and Projects Our programs and projects are focused on building long-term partnerships that examine watershed issues, making recommendations to the appropriate water and land use decision-making authorities, and undertaking an adaptive approach to watershed management that benefit Alberta’s watersheds.

WPAC Logo Alberta WPACs are important stewards of Alberta's major watersheds. They are independent, non-profit organizations that are designated to assess the condition of their watershed and prepare plans to address watershed issues. They engage watershed residents in their work and seek consensus on solutions to watershed issues.

our-responsibility Alberta WPACs are raising awareness about the state of Alberta’s major watersheds. In partnership with the Government of Alberta, municipal and Aboriginal governments and other stakeholders, these regional organizations will participate in creating, implementing, and assessing watershed management plans.

Our PartnershipsSharing responsibility through the use of partnerships can provide important benefits to environmental management. Shared responsibility for watershed management can be achieved through a range of collaborative activities including public consultation, advisory groups, strategic alliances, and community and individual stewardship.

wpaconnector2.jpg The WPAC Connector Newsletter lets you stay connected with the latest WPAC's projects and news. In each newsletter, we share and inspire new ideas, support other programs, and help develop new partnerships on projects that will improve the health of Alberta's watersheds.

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Resource Library

Alberta's WPACs are the source of new ideas and opportunities to help manage and protect our provincial watersheds.


What's New

Click here...for the Annual Water for Life Partnerships Newsletter (Issue 1, February, 2012)

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